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2022 BAFCA Convention

Emile Agbeko

13 Jul 2022

Cuda's football season has started

It is back again, the annual BAFCA convention is finally here. The BAFCA convention is a three-day convention where coaches across the UK go to enhance their knowledge across a variety of topics. These include: contact systems, coverages and offensive schemes and many more. The conference also featured prominent speakers such as Coach JB Wells and Coach Randy Jackson.

Last weekend, Cuda’s Defensive Coordinator James Gilchrist and Wide Receiver Coach

James Cook made the trip to Keele. On day one, the talks centered around drills

and offensive strategies. Day two, however, focused more on cultivating a sense

of team culture and building relationships with the local community. This is an

integral (although often undervalued) part of creating a great team. Finally,

the last day was a recap of the previous days with an emphasis on football

analytics and player development. Coach Cook expressed that “It was a very

positive experience. It was good to see coaches from around the UK and the US.

We had some scheme talks and some more technique-focused talks. It's nice to

pick bits of a scheme that might fit at Cuda as well as learn some new drills

and cues we can use to teach”.

There’s no such thing as an off-season here at Cuda!

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