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Barracuda produce dominant victory over division rivals

Rory Macnair

3 Jan 2019

Having beaten Oxford University last time out, the Barracuda had momentum on their side as they went into Week 3 of the BUCS league season against Oxford Brookes Panthers. The Panthers had cause to be confident however, having beaten the Cuda 26-0 in the 2017/18 season.

The opening moments of the game showed that the Cuda were not hanging around.

Week 1 MVP Oli McDowell stormed across the line of scrimmage on the game’s opening play to force a fumble and give the Barracuda an opening drive starting from the Panthers’ 15 yard line. Running back Hugh Parker, having tormented the Oxford defence in week 2, was clearly still in the mood as he ran in the game’s opening score on the next play.

The Panthers then returned the kick off 50+ yards and looked to be seriously threatening the home team’s redzone. Once again however, the Cuda defence stepped up and forced yet another fumble. The Barracuda then showed off almost all of their offensive weaponry in an impressive downfield drive.

Runs from Hugh Parker, Nathan Obayori and rookie receiver Scott Smith were compounded by clinical catches from Sam Leale-Green and Jonah Edmonds. Leale-Green ultimately capped off the 90 yard drive on a 7 yard touchdown catch from Bumble.

Linebackers Jonny Read and Oli McDowell took command of the defence.
Linebackers Jonny Read and Oli McDowell took command of the defence.

The Cuda defence forces yet another fumble.
The Cuda defence forces yet another fumble.

That was just the first quarter.

The already established run game of the Barracuda was added to at the start of the second quarter with a 1 yard touchdown from Hugh Parker, his second of the day. The half ended with Bristol up 20-0.

Halftime: Bristol 20, Oxford Brookes 0

The 3rd quarter got underway and despite an early punt from the Cuda offence, linebacker McDowell shone once again as he recovered a ball punched loose by DL Elliott Scott.

A quick drive followed, aided by a determined 21 yard run and catch from Leale-Green and ultimately finished with rookie running back Obayori’s first career touchdown.

Just as the week before, the Cuda defence began to tire and the Panthers took advantage, notching two quick scores and putting the game potentially within reach. Unfortunately for them, the Cuda offence wasn’t done. Marching down the field with runs from Bumble and Obayori, Bristol chewed away the clock, fortunately recovering their own fumble thanks to the quick reactions of Cuda president and OL Jacob Wood.

The drive, and the game, was then finished off with a 2 yard touchdown pass from Bumble to tight end Jonah Edmonds. Despite some lacklustre moments from their secondary, the resilient Cuda defence churned out turnovers while their offensive counterparts refused to let up.


Bumble: 10/16, 87 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT Hugh Parker: 12 rush, 73 yards, 2 TD Nathan Obayori: 14 rush, 56 yards, 1 TD Scott Smith: 8 rush, 35 yards

Jonah Edmonds: 5 rec, 46 yards, 1 TD

Sam Leale-Green: 4 rec, 41 yards, 1 TD


Matt Pullen: 2 solo, 1 ast,

Jonny Read: 1 solo, 1 ast, 1 sack, 1 TFL Oli McDowell: 1 solo, 3 ast

Giorgos Kakouris: 1 ast, 1.5 sack

Elliott Scott: 2 ast, 0.5 sack, 1 TFL

FT: 32-14

Photos courtesy of FineTime Photography

TE Jonah Edmonds celebrates his game-sealing touchdown.
TE Jonah Edmonds celebrates his game-sealing touchdown.

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