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Coaches for 2022-2023

Archie Wills-Johnson

22 Sept 2022

Our coaching roster for the 2022-2023 BUCS season.

After an eventful offseason, we have finalised our coaching roster and its now time to introduce you to our 2022-2023 coaching staff! We are very excited about the group of coaches we have put together. There will be some new faces bringing experience from other Britball communities, as well as internal promotions to some of Cuda’s best.

One of the new additions we are proud to bring to our program is head coach Gary Gardener. After a dominant season with division 2 men’s team Bristol Apache he was rightfully rewarded with a gold medal and promotion in a victory over the Highland Stags. We hope under his guidance that he will bring the growth we want as a program into a division 1 heavyweight. Joining him from the Apache squad are starting QB Fen Trudgian, who will be coaching the quarterbacks this season, and LT Will Bunce.

Another new face for the Cuda staff is DB coach Michael Waddington. He is an experienced coach, who last year was defensive coordinator for new divisional rivals the Swansea Titans. We believe he brings the knowledge and skill to teach the young DB core we have growing. Offensive coach Balint Molnar joins us from Nottingham university, where he played WR for 4 years under current GB head coach Jason Scott.

Returning for this year is defensive coordinator James Gilchrist whose solid defence kept Cuda in many games last year. He will be joined by resident BFG’s O line coach Lyndon Kindred Robinson and assistant O coordinator Jacob wood as well as RB coach Chris Hobbs.

Unfortunately, with every new addition you must have some loss. Due to job location commitments offensive coordinator Ross Murison has had to take a step back to being a remote coach, who will help with film study and game prep. Joining him are Cuda legends Mike McDowell and last year’s president Harrison Miller.

We would also like to give a special mention to the coaches and ex-players receiving promotions in our coaching staff. As for players stepping up to the challenge, last year’s defensive MVP and star DB Ben Stringer will return as an assistant defensive coach and DB coach, while offensive MVP Leo DeCarlo takes charge of the WR and Te groups. Ed Douglas and Elliot Scott will also take on the challenge of coaching the D line, if anyone can train some beasts it’s the workout warriors.

Some coaches will take on elevated positions this year, with WR coach James Cook taking control of the offensive playbook. The other internal promotion we are hugely excited for is for coach Tom Grant, who is also taking over as special teams coordinator and assistant defensive coordinator as well as his roles as LB coach.

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