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Kaush Subramaniam

13 Aug 2016

At the Bristol Barracuda we are always striving for excellence. The Bristol Sports Union recognises excellence by awarding colours to people who have proved themselves on or off the field. Similar to an American varsity letter, sporting colours represent the hard work and dedication players put in over the season. This year we had a fantastic showing at the sports awards ceremony with 18 of our players being awarded colours, with 3 receiving full colours. The players receiving full colours earned them through the effort and commitment they have shown the club. The recipients of full colours were Anthony Asindi LB, Keisuke Suzuki OL and Oli Stein OL. All the players have been with the team for years now, holding various committee positions and being role models for all the rookies. This year we had our first set of colours awarded to a female player. Bryony Thiele RB, has been with the team from her first year all the way to her graduation. Starting on the coaching staff, Bryony took on committee roles, helped out at practices and this year played in several league games for the Bristol Barracuda. Bryony has shown gender is not a barrier to taking part in American football in Bristol. Our rookies had a great showing in the half-colours this year as well. Of the 15 players receiving half-colours 7 were rookies who joined this year. Yemi Falana RB, Muhammad Yahya RB, Lyndon Kindred-Robinson OL, Lucas Abegglen QB, Jake Goodwill DL, Marcus Kenmir DB, Jamie Tobin DB/LB all joined in September and by June had put in the work to be awarded half colours. With some of the rookies having never played before these players became regular starters as the season began. At the end of the year Yemi, Muhammad and Lyndon all went on to join the committee this year too, further showing their commitment to the club. This has been an incredible year for all the players of the club with a strong season and a great pool of new talent to develop and grow into full colours winners themselves. We are also looking forward to our next round of recruiting in September to expand our roster and build on where we left off.

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