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Golden Balloon Award and additional Grant funding Awarded to Cuda

13 Jun 2019

Cuda is off to go a good start

The club's ambitious plans for the 2019/20 season are off to a good start after achieving the criteria for the Bristol SU Golden Balloon award. As well as having access to a range of university media outlets and professional promotion tools the club has been granted additional funds to bolster Bristol's off season. Fresh resources have now been set towards acquiring brand new training and game day equipment. Cuda prides itself in the speedy development of aspiring young players, many of whom start with little to no experience in the sport. The arrival of upgraded training gear has injected fresh excitement into theis future recruiting. Expect big things from the returning rookie group and the 2019 fresher class.

This season's returning players are enthusiastic to take the next step towards promotion in the coming season with the refreshed guidance of the stellar coaching staff and headed by coach Preston as well as our 2019/20 president Rory Macnair.

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