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Luke Wilcox

15 Sept 2017


With a week to go until the Cuda Assessment Session, it's time to introduce another player in #CudaProfiles

Name/Number: Jacob Wood (#50)

Course: PhD, Diamond Science and Technology

Position: Offensive Line / Defensive Line

Footballing experience: Cuda, Warwick Wolves

The stresses of playing almost every position along both the Offensive and Defensive Lines last season clearly took their toll on OJ, as he ended the year with much less hair on his head than when it started. Despite bearing a resemblance to the parent of a fresher rather than an actual fresher, OJ brought youthful enthusiasm and much-needed versatility as one of the few players who contributed on both sides of the ball. As well as studying for perhaps the most interesting degree of any Cuda player, OJ also works as a Private Tutor and has taken up the role of Treasurer on this year's Cuda committee.

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