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September 7, 2017

In the next instalment of #CudaProfiles, we take a look at last year's starting Running Back:

Name/Number: Yemi Falana #10
Course: Economics (3rd year)
Position: Running Back
Footballing experience: Cuda, Bristol Aztecs, London Blitz

Since bursting onto the scene as a rookie in 2015, Yemi has regularly left defenders looking embarrassed with his explosive speed and elusiveness. Although primarily a big-play threat at Running Back and as a Kick Returner, Yemi has demonstrated his athleticism and understanding of the game by also contributing from the Defensive End position. After acting as the club's Treasurer last year, he returns to the committee again this year in the important role of Welfare Officer. Away from Cuda, Yemi is a keen poker player and is a member of Bristol's Banking and Investment Society.

Luke Wilcox