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Cuda in the Community

The Bristol Barracuda are committed to offering the opportunity to enjoy the sport of American Football to everyone. In addition to competing in matches, the Barracuda are also committed to supporting the local community. 

The stated aim of the club is:

“To build partnerships with and benefit the local community, in order to increase participation and improve quality of life for the region. This will include, but is not limited to, voluntary activities in the community and encouraging a sense of social responsibility in our members”

See below a few examples of our community work in the past few years.

Every year the Barracuda are one of the most active societies in the university's Ignit10n Charity Event. Whether it is through weight-lifting marathons or passing a ball for thousands of yards, Cuda are always present in raising money for the Above and Beyond Charity in Bristol. 

Above and Beyond do incredible work in Bristol's city centre hospitals, making a huge difference in the lives of patients, families and staff alike. It's an honour for the Barracuda to be able to support this charity in this way, challenging ourselves for a great cause on a fantastic day of activities. 

Bristol University Festival of Sport is one of the most rewarding days of the Cuda Calendar. With around 500 children from 10 different Bristol schools, UoB students are given the opportunity to share their passion for sport and offer schoolchildren a day to remember. 

While we can only offer the children a small taste of our sport, American Football has always received incredibly positive feedback from the schools. We truly appreciate this opportunity to make a difference in our community and we are committed to giving our 100% at these events year in, year out.

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