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Meet our sponsors 

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The Barracuda are proud to join the University of Bristol in partnering with Surridge Sports. Surridge have provided us with a brand new kit for 2018-19, with funding generously coming from our Barracuda Alumni. 

More information about Surridge Sports and their services can be found at

Prospective Sponsors

American Football may not seem like the most obvious sport to play or support in a country where we already have such a wide range of sports played to a high level. But the sheer professionalism and global marketing capacity of the NFL (the National Football League) means that American Football is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United Kingdom. 

Bristol is one of the strongholds of American Football in the UK, with over 200 registered players currently representing Bristol’s various teams. But only now will Bristol University, for the first time, have its own team. 

We hope your interest has been piqued. We have a wide range of sponsor packages available for promoting your business and brand through the Bristol Barracuda. 
All packages are negotiable to some extent and represent excellent opportunities to gain exposure within the student market. Certain deals are already secured and interest to date has been extremely high. 

To discuss the package that may be best suited to your business, please get in touch.

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